Install a Heat Pump and Save Up to 50% on Energy Bills!

Save Big on Energy Bills with Our Efficient Heat Pumps and Solar Hot Water Systems

solarbuild heat pump

Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly

Save on energy bills with our efficient heat pumps and solar hot water systems.

Government Incentives

Take advantage of Victorian rebates to reduce installation costs.

Savings and Endless Hot Water

Enjoy long-term savings and reliable heat pump hot water solutions.

Over 10,000 systems installed across Australia

Our heat pump uses air to heat your water and cuts energy use by up to 75%. Choose from our All-In-One or Split Heat Pump systems.

Use solar energy to heat water. Save energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Lower your electricity bills and harness clean, renewable energy with solar panels on the roof.

Stay comfortable year-round while reducing energy bills and minimizing carbon footprint.

Heat Pump Hot Water System

Solarbuild offers one of the best heat pump hot water systems

Check out our heat pump hot water systems

Temperature Range

Designed for the Australian climate. Operates efficiently from -7°C to 43°C.

260L Tank

Perfectly sized for most Australian homes. Providing ample hot water & energy-efficient.

Government Rebates

Qualifies for STC, VEEC, ESC and more, making it a cost-effective choice.

Install Heat Pumps When You Build

The best time to purchase is always “Now”. The government offers generous incentives, but it can change at any time. If you don’t act Now, you may face higher costs in the future.

Lower electricity bills from day one

Start saving when you move in. Delaying will only cost you more.

Optimal placement for your system

Your builder will plan the best spot for your systems, considering other roof-mounted systems, to avoid future space issues.

Cost savings

Heat pumps are essential for new home builder market due to their low running costs and energy efficiency. Choose Solar Build heat pump for your hot water system.

Save on extra expenses

Install heat pumps when building your new home can save on additional charges such as scaffolding & meter upgrades.

Maximise Savings on Utility Bills

Hot Water Is Too Expensive

Reduce energy costs by 75% compared to conventional electric and gas water heaters.

Electricity Bills Are Soaring

Solar panels can save households an average of $1,073 each year in electricity costs by generating and using their energy.

Heating & Cooling Cost Too Much

Reducing your heating and cooling expenses would provide substantial financial relief.

Which System Should I Choose?

Our team will help you select the best system. The government offers various rebates & incentives NOW, but these can change anytime. Seizing today’s rebates, you can enjoy immediate benefits and long-term savings.

Bring Energy Efficiency to Australian Homes

Specializing in energy-efficient solutions, SolarBuild offers a range of products including heat pump hot water, solar hot water, solar power, heating, and cooling systems. With over 14 years of experience in the Australian market, we have established an extensive network with suppliers, plumbers, electricians, and retailers, ensuring the most cost-effective products for homeowners and builders.


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