Solar Build Projects


Flat Panel Solar Hot Water

Solar Build supply and install only the best brands of flat panel solar hot water including Neopower and Rinnai. Flat-panel solar hot water solutions are cost-effective, efficient, and robust. Perfectly suited to builders on a budget looking to meet 6 Star Energy rating requirements.

Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water

Solar Build sell and install a premium range of gas hot water brands including Neopower, Rinnai and Takagi. From a single dwelling through to a block of apartments, we have a solution to suit.

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

Frost tolerant and highly efficient in colder climates, and under cloud cover; evacuated tubes are the perfect solution clients seeking 80% annual energy savings.


Solar Power & Battery System

Solar Build offer a range of solar power and battery solutions. From grid-connected solar power systems through to grid-independent and full off-grid systems.

Energy Efficiency

Solar Build’s energy efficiency specialists design wholistic systems around energy efficient hot water, heating & cooling, and lighting systems.

Heat Pump Hot Water

Heat Pump water heaters are easy to install, energy efficient and cost effective particularly in warmer climates.