Harness the Sun
Heat Your Water Efficiently

Hot water systems make up approximately 21% of total home energy use. By installing solar hot water systems, households can save between $140 – $400 annually on their electricity bills.

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Split System

Neopower’s Split System features a ground-mounted tank and roof-mounted flat plate collectors. and has been designed to provide energy-efficient water heating and installation flexibility, without compromising the aesthetics of the home.

Low Profile

Neopower’s Low Profile systems combine a horizontal roof-mounted tank, with a state-of-the-art pump and controller. This low-profile system facilitates low profile (<600mm), aesthetically neutral installation on a flat or low-pitch roof.

The gas boosters can be piggy-backed on the tank, or installed remotely at ground level or on a balcony. 

Low Profile systems use 316 Grade Stainless Steel tanks for corrosion resistance and longevity.

Energy Efficiency

By harnessing free solar energy, your home’s reliance on grid electricity can be reduced by 60%.

Built Tough

3.2mm toughened glass for absorber plate protection. Collectors are constructed with a robust steel frame and the tank with a solid 3mm thick steel to provide strength.

Clever Controller

The intelligent controller displays tank and collector temperature, and faults codes for easy diagnostics.


Low-profile design for discreet installation, ideal for flat-roof townhouse developments.

Frost Protection

When it’s very cold, the smart controller activates the pump to circulate warm water. This keeps the water from freezing and protects the system.


Industry benchmark components backed by the best warranty and after sales support in the industry.

Boost Options

On cloudy days, our system ensures hot water production through an electric or gas-boosting option.

Government Rebates

Our highly efficient solar hot water heaters qualify for generous government rebates.

Which System Should I Choose?

Our team will help you select the best system. The government offers various rebates & incentives NOW, but these can change anytime. Seizing today’s rebates, you can enjoy immediate benefits and long-term savings.