The Solar Build Split Heat Pump offers a separate heat pump condenser and storage tank. The heating process is completed via heated water circulated between the two units.

The split design of this system offers flexible installation options, perfect for replacing the existing electric hot water units. It serves as an excellent alternative to solar hot water systems, as no need for rooftop panels.

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Annual Energy Saving

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*The labor is covered for 1 year after the installation date.

Energy saving

Uses up to 70 percent less energy than a conventional water heater, whilst providing reliable hot water all day and night.
Cheaper ongoing running costs – up to 3.5 times cheaper to run than an electric storage unit.

Timer control

Featuring an in-built timer, and a user-friendly controller, our system can be scheduled to operate during specific hours, helping you avoid peak electricity rates.

Durable water tank

The water tank undergoes rigorous pressure fluctuation and fatigue tests to ensure durability and reliability. It also features a magnesium anode, optimized for superior heat pump performance and longevity.

Suitable for Australian climate

With a wide operating range from -7°C to 45°C, our system is suitable for the diverse weather conditions in Australia. It also features an electric booster for faster water heating during winter.


Our system uses R32 refrigerant, a superior alternative to R134A and R410A, known for its reduced emissions and environmental impact.


Which System Should I Choose?

Our team will help you select the best system. The government offers various rebates & incentives NOW, but these can change anytime. Seizing today’s rebates, you can enjoy immediate benefits and long-term savings.