How Long Do Solar Hot Water Systems Last

Neopower Solar Hot Water Systems 

As solar hot water specialists, we are always on the look for the best systems we can offer our customers. This blog will go into one of our favourite Australian companies that are taking hot water systems to a new level. 

One of our favourite solar hot water solutions comes from Neopower. Neopower entered the market in 2010 and since then they have been leading the way for the best hot water systems in Australia. As their website explains, these guys really are the next-generation hot water supplier. 

Neopower is revolutionising the way solar hot water solutions are manufactured in Australia. They have an enormous range of systems and they service all of Australia, making use of their huge distribution network across the country both regional and remote. This means is why they are fast to respond and fulfill jobs. 

Australia’s Own Hot Water Solar Solution

Solar is such a specialised field, that we know that working with a supplier who understands the unique needs that Australian households and businesses have, makes their products superior to some of those imported from other places. Neopower’s system design combined with high-quality components means their hot water systems are the most robust and reliable in the market right now. This is incredibly important considering Australia’s harsh climate (and extremes!)

What Kinds of Systems Do Neopower Offer?

We’ve been using and recommending Neopower systems for a while now. They offer several different types of systems, all with their list of pros and cons. 

  • Evacuated Tubes

The Neopower evacuated tube solar hot water systems collect and capture more sunlight since they have a larger exposed surface area. They also work in colder climates and deal well with frost as well as cloudy conditions. Neopower evacuated tubes come with a 15-year warranty too!

  • Continuous Flow

Neopower’s continuous flow systems are efficient, cost-effective, and can be installed anywhere! Their 26L and 30L are ideal for the on-demand nature of the continuous flow. 

  • Flat Panel Split

Neopower’s flat panel systems are some of the most efficient and durable we’ve seen on the market. They have two options for sizing and offer superior diagnostics for plumbers and have the ability to add a gas or electric boost. Every flat panel split we’ve installed by Neopower has been a success, so no complaints from us! 

  • Low Profile

Low-profile systems are exactly what they sound like. They are installed neutrally on a flat roof. Neopower’s low-profile systems are made with stainless steel tanks, meaning they are corrosion resistant.  

In Conclusion

We work with numerous hot water companies across Australia and without a doubt, Neopower is one of our favourites. 

For more information on brands we work with reach out to us and we’d be happy to discuss the best solar water system options for you.